Ancient Gorgon
Appeared in Series 2
Number 60
Point Value 20

Ancient Gorgon is monster #60 from the Series 2 figures. The figure was available in all four neon colours, and had a points value of twenty. The figure was also available as a rare glow-in-the-dark premium, with black painted highlights.

Monster informationEdit

Ancient Gorgon is a twenty-point monster, and is depicted much like the legendary Gorgons were, with snakes for hair and wings. She is also wearing a long, tattered dress. It is unknown if Ancient Gorgon is meant to be either Euryale or Stheno (or simply a generic representation of a Gorgon).

In Greek mythology, the Gorgon was a vicious female monster with sharp fangs and hair of living, venomous snakes. Gorgons are sometimes depicted as having wings of gold, brazen claws, and the tusks of boars. According to the myths, seeing the face of a Gorgon turned the viewer to stone.

Hesiod increases the number of Gorgons to three — Stheno (the mighty), Euryale (the far-springer) and Medusa (the queen), and makes them the daughters of the sea-god Phorcys and of Keto. Their home is on the farthest side of the western ocean; according to later authorities, in Libya or Tartessos. The Attic tradition, reproduced in Euripides, regarded the Gorgon as a monster, produced by Gaia to aid her sons the Titans against the gods and slain by Athena. Of the three Gorgons, only Medusa is mortal.

According to Ovid, Medusa alone had serpents in her hair, and this was due to Athena cursing her. Medusa had copulated with Poseidon, who was aroused by the golden color of Medusa's hair, in a temple of Athena. Athena therefore changed the enticing golden locks into serpents. Other stories claim that each of three Gorgon sisters, Stheno, Euryale, and Medusa, had snakes for hair, and had the power to turn anyone who looked at them to stone.

Trading card textEdit

(Translated from the mexican card)

Species: Reptile / Humanoid

Born: 4500 years ago in the Middle East

Size: 2 meters

Habitat: Atlantic coast of Africa

Is the ugliest of Medusa's sisters and was created to protect the giants from their enemies. Has a striking resemblance to his sister, and the same ability to turn her enemies into stone. She also has wings, sharp teeth and a creepy face.

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