Also Known as Brontosaurus
Appeared in Series 6
Dinosaur in My Pocket
Number 146
Point Value 150


Apatosaurus is monster #146, from Series 6 , the Dinosaurs. It had a points value of 150, and was rereleased in the Secret Skeleton Dinosaurs range. A version of this dinosaur was also released with Hardee's Kids' Meals as part of the Dinosaur in My Pocket range, as a small single-colour figurine under the name of Brontosaurus, with a points value of 145.

Dinosaur InformationEdit

Apatosaurus is a genus of sauropod dinosaur that lived approximately 150 million years go during the late Jurassic Period. With an average length of 23 metres (75 feet) and an average mass of 25 tons, it was a gigantic animal. Its name means 'deceptive lizard,' due to the fact that its bones resembled those of other extinct reptiles. The Apatosaurus had an extremely long neck and tail, allowing it to reach distant vegetation, and a proportionately small skull.

The dinosaur is also known commonly as Brontosaurus. In 1877, Othniel Charles Marsh published the name of the type species Apatosaurus ajax. He followed this in 1879 with a description of another, more complete specimen, which he thought represented a new genus and named Brontosaurus excelsus. In 1903, Elmer Riggs pointed out that Brontosaurus excelsus was in fact so similar to Apatosaurus ajax that it belonged in the same genus, which Riggs re-classified as Apatosaurus excelsus. According to the rules of the ICZN (which governs the scientific names of animals), the name Apatosaurus, having been published first, had priority as the official name; Brontosaurus was a junior synonym and therefore discarded from formal use. Nonetheless, Brontosaurus remains teh name most commonly associated with the genus by members of the general populace, and is oen of the most commonly portrayed dinosaurs in popular culture.

The Monster in My Pocket figurine lacks the long, whip-like tail of the real animal. It also has a more boxlike head, and holds its neck upright. Current research suggests a small, slender skull, and a neck held out almost parallel with the tail to maintain balance.

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