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Baba Yaga
Appeared in Series 1
Number 18
Point Value 15

Baba Yaga is monster #18 from Series 1.

Series 1

Baba Yaga is a fifteen-point monster that comes in original red and olive green, as well as all four later neon colors. She is depicted with her pot and two small skeleton heads with her.

Official Biography

Species: Witch

Born: In Russia during the 12th Century

Size: 6 Feet Tall

Habitat: Lives in remote areas of Russian forests

Even Russia has its famous monsters. In this case it's Baba Yaga, an evil old hag who flies through the sky in a large black kettle, propelled by a fiery broomstick. She is known to give children rides and bring them home for dinner - unfortunately, the children are the main course! Baba Yaga lives deep in the forest in a "tastefully" decorated house. It sits atop hen's legs and is surrounded by a fence made of dead men's bones. On the fence are human skulls with candles burning in them. So next time you are outside after dark, look into the sky. Perhaps you will see the sparks from Baba Yaga's broom as she heads out to pick up her next dinner guest!

In other media

Video Game (1992)

VG Baba 01.gif

Baba Yaga appears as an enemy monster in the Monster in My Pocket video game. She is found in the Construction Site (Stage 4, Area 1), where she flies around and attempts to strike the player.

Baba Yaga's instruction manual entry reads: "Hops around with her feet in a kettle."

The Quest

Baba Yaga was planned to appear in the CGI series Monster in My Pocket: The Quest as a neutral enemy for both the heroic Warlock and the evil Morlock. As the show was cancelled before airing, there is very little information about it. It is known, however, that Baba Yaga was a powerful witch who, as in folklore, lived in a house on chicken legs. The proposed episode "Baba Yaga's Revenge" has Baba Yaga outsmarting both Warlock and Morlock and kidnapping the protagonist, Jason.


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