Also Known as Sasquatch
Appeared in Series 1
2006 Series
Number 17
Point Value 15

Bigfoot is monster number 17 from Series 1. Worth 15 points, it was available in green and purple, and in all four later neon colours.

The figure of Bigfoot is a portrayal close to the traditional description of the creature. It is a humanoid creature with a furry body, with large hands and feet, and prominent teeth.

Monster Background Edit

Bigfoot, also spelled Big Foot, is one of the world's most well known cryptids. Also known by the traditional name Sasquatch, the Bigfoot is described as a large, hairy hominid, with, as the name suggests, oversized feet. Large footprints - sometimes up to two feet long - are among the most frequently reported signs of the beast's existence. The creature is described as anything from six to ten feet tall, and is often said to be accompanied by a very pungent odour.

Sightings of the Bigfoot are known from throughout the Pacific Northwest region of North America. Traditional Native American tales regarding huge hairy wildmen date back several centuries. Since the 1950s, various individuals have claimed to have seen evidence of the creature, from footprints to direct encounters. In 1967, two men, Robert Patterson and Robert Gimlin, declared that they had encountered the creature, and produced filmed evidence of this. While some authorities declare that the film is clearly a hoax, others report that it would be alomst impossible to simulate the movement of such a creature by human means. The scientific consensus is that such a creature could not remain unknown to society in such a populated part of the world, unless reduced to such a low population as to make breeding impossible to sustain. However, the matter is still open to debate.

Similar crytpids include the Yeti or Abominable Snowman of Tibet, the Yeren or Wildman of China, and the Yowie of Australia.

Trading card textEdit

Species: Giant Humanoid

Born: In the mountains of North Amercia in the 1800's

Size: 10 Feet 5 inches tall, Weighing 650 pounds

Habitat: Mountains and forzen wastelands of North America

A huge monster with a hairy body, long arms, big feet, a hunched back, and a lumbering gait. This awesome creature is part man, part ape, and part NFL linebacker! Although he normally keeps to himself, Bigfoot will attack viciously if provoked, using rocks and boulders as weapons. He is frequently sighted but has yet to be captured. Many trackers who have followed his giant footprints through the snow have never returned. he is known to eat polar bears, Eskimo's (and Eskimo Pies for dessert)!

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2006 remakeEdit

2006 bigfoot

Big Foot was one of the monsters included in the 2006 relaunch of the series. Its portrayal here was very different to that of the original, or the 'real-life' monster. It is here portrayed as a hulking humanoid with yellow-green skin, long, hairy forearms and enormous feet with claws on the toes and heel. It has a long main of dark hair on its head and down its back, and a greenish beard. Its ears are pointed, and it has a short, stumpy tail. It carries an uprooted tree as a club. The description from the collectable card (# 009/230) is as follows:

"Born in the mountains of North America in the 1800s, Big Foot is a humungous, hairy beast standing 10 feet, 5 inches tall, weighing 650 pounds. Many trackers have followed his giant footprints through the snow, but no one has actually seen this monster up close."

The card gives Big Foot an overall points value of 183. Monster # 9 of the new series, it is included in the group The Humanoids.

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Bigfoot NES

Text: You'll instantly go into deep freeze if his blasts of cold breath touch you.

Bigfoot is the second stage boss, and slowly walks forward. When attack, he will pause before making a running charge, and ends the charge with a ice breath attack.

Bigfoot is downed after 17 hits.

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