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Bishop Fish
Number 58
Point Value 25

Bishop Fish is monster #58 from the Series 2 figures.

Monster information

Trading card text

(Translated from the mexican card)

Species: Sea serpent

Born: During the Middle ages

Size: 1.60 meters

Habitat: All the oceans

According to legend, all the beings of the air and of the earth have a double in the sea. It is said that the one who catches the Bishop fish will be protected by it for the rest of his life. But no one has ever caught it, for his scales are as sharp as razors.

Trading card front


2006 Series

Bishop Fish is a monster in the class "The Sea Monsters." It is monster #47. It closely resembles its Series 2 counterpart however it has a more aquatic and green appearance.

Official Card Biography

The eerie looking Bishop Fish is only found along the coast of the China sea, both in and out of the water! This scaly half-man and half-fish fiend is said to terrorize fisherman by causing storms that capsize their small boats and drown their crews. He is named for a chess piece and all his moves are evil!!

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