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Appeared in Series 1
2006 Series
Number 20
Point Value 15

Catoblepas is monster #20 from the Series 1 figures and was remade in the 2006 Series.

Series 1

Official Biography

Species: Animal Hybrid

Born: 4,000 years ago in Africa

Size: 4 Feet High, with Four Foot wings

Habitat: Lives on the Ethiopian border, near the Nile River

Although he's the perfect pet for Medusa [#26], you probably wouldn't want this monster sleeping under your bed at night. Catoblepas has the wings of a dragon, the body of a buffalo and the head of a wild hog. He not only can't fly, but frags his stomach through the mud as he lazily waddles across the ground. Catoblepas rarely lifts his fat head to look up, but if he does - watch out! His stare will turn you to stone faster than you can say "Buffalo Wings", (which incidentally were named after him). So if you happen to come upon Catoblepas as he is out grazing on his favorite snack of poison ivy, beware of his stare as it will bring new meaning to the words "stone age!"

2006 Series

Catoblepas is a monster in the class "The Winged." He is monster #24. This 2006 remake gave Catoblepas a more dragon-like appearance and stripped away the wings, regardless of its group name. He has lime green skin, orange fur and heavy hooves.

Official Card Biography

Born in Africa thousands of years ago, Catoblepas is 4 feet high with 4 foot dragon wings, but he can't fly. Beware of this monster who walks with his head near the ground. If he looks up and you look into his eyes, you die!

Element: Earth

Brains: 60

Strength: 40

Fear: 63

Speed: 42

In other media

Comic Book Series (1991)

Video Game (1992)


- The background photo for the 2006 trading card of Catoblepas is the great pyramids of Giza, Egypt.

- Catoblepas is a bull-like creature that has wings, but it cannot fly. The card biography itself even explains this fact, yet in the 2006 series Catoblepas is in the group of "The Winged." It would have made more sense to put it with the Ancients as its age dates back 4000 years ago.


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