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Appeared in Series 1
2006 Series
Number 42
Point Value 5

Charon is monster #42 from Series 1. He was later brought back for the 2006 Series as monster #18.

Series 1

Charon is depicted as an older man wearing wolf skin and holding a coin.

Official Biography

Species: Humanoid

Born: 5th century B.C.

Size: 6 Feet Tall

Habitat: On the edge of the Underworld

This monster brings new meaning to the words "mass transit." He ferries the souls of the dead across the River Styx to the Underworld. Charon is perfect for this job - he's a grotesque, dirty old man, with bright red eyes and a bad attitude, and rates a big zero on the personality scale. He collects one obolus or coin (equivalent to about eight weeks allowance) from each passenger. Those who don't pay are tossed out of the boat and left to haunt the living [see Ghost # 31]. Charon uses these proceeds to buy nice clothes and to maintain his boat - which is appropriately named the Styx Pick-Up!

2006 Series

Charon is a monster in the class "The Ancients." He is monster #18. He is an old skeletal man with a scrawny face and a long purple robe. He carries a large wooden paddle. His trading card points are worth 201.

Official Card Biography

Charon is a cranky, skinny old man who runs a ferry boat which carries the souls of the dead across the river. All his passengers need to have a coin under their tongue to be able to ride. He keeps his enemies away by knocking them overboard with his long paddle.

Element: Earth

Brains: 44

Strength: 34

Fear: 52

Speed: 55

In other media

Comic Book Series (1991)

Charon is among the many monsters on Monster Mountain during the assembly of monsters held by Vampire and Warlock.

Video Game (1992)

VG Charon 01.gif

Charon appears in the second half of stage 3, either arriving on foot, or from the sewage pipe hazard. He is a tough monster, requiring two hits to kill.

His description in the instructions manual reads: "Also known as Old Man River."


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