Number 42
Point Value 5

Charon is monster #42 from the Series 1 figures.

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Species: Humanoid

Born: 5° century A.C.

Habitat: At the start of Hell

He transports the dead's souls from the river Styx to Hell. He is perfect for this job: Charon is a dirty and grotesque old man with red eyes and bad habits. From every passenger collects a mite or some coins (the equivalent of 8 weeks of license). Those who not pay are thrown away from the boat and left to spirits. Charon uses these coins to buy himself new clothes and to repair his boat.

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Video gameEdit

Also known as old man river

Appears in the second half of stage 3, either arriving on foot, or from the sewage pipe hazard. He is a tough monster, requiring two hits to kill.

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