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Appeared in Series 1
Number 30
Point Value 10

Chimera is monster #30 from the Series 1 figures.

Series 1

Official Biography

Species: Animal Hybrid

Born: 4,000 years ago in Greece

Size: 7 Feet Tall

Habitat: Lives atop an active volcano in Asia Minor

The origins of this strange and ferocious monster remain a mystery. The Chimera has the head of a lion, a poisonous snake for a tail and a goat's head rising up from its back. This female monster's multi-headed appearance is easily understood, considering her brother is Cerebus [28] and her mother is Hydra [#2] (and you thought your family was strange!) The Chimera not only looks mean, but breathes a stream of fire that will roast more than your marshmallows! Viciously attacking anyone who comes near her, the Chimera can be slain by throwing a lead-tipped spear into her mouth. The Chimera's fiery breath will melt the lead, completely burying her insides.

In other media

Video Game (1992)


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