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Also Known as Coatlique
Appeared in Series 1
Number 15
Point Value 15

Coatlicue is monster #16 from Series 1.

Series 1

She is worth 15 points. The Aztec Goddess of Earth, she is depicted with two serpent heads and a body clothed in snakes. She came in the colours red, yellow, light red, neon yellow (chartreuse) and light purple (thistle).

Official Biography

Species: Reptilian Humanoid

Born: 2,500 Years ago in South America

Size: 7 Feet tall

Habitat: Lives in a snake-infested cave in South America

This two-faced Amazon woman was once an Aztec Queen who was exiled because of her famous garbage mouth. The problem is not what she says, but rather what she eats - she preys on sick and injured people, and where there are none these people available, she feeds of the filth of the land. Coatlique's wardrobe rivals that ok Kali's [#19] for bad taste. She wears of a skirt of live snakes, and a necklace of human hearts attached to a skull pendant. Perhaps her most evil deed to date was to name her son Huitzilopoctli. This poor lad was nicknamed "the sick one" growing up, as every time he said his name people thought he was sneezing and would respond by saying, "gesundhiet!"

In other media

Video Game (1992)

VG Coatlicue 01.gif

Coalticue appears as an enemy in Stage 5, Area 1, in the Orient. She is unique in that she does a rapid charge when the player faces away, while walks slowly away when the player faces her.

Coatlicue's instructions manual entry reads: "Attacks when you're not looking."

Panini Sticker Album

The description for Coatlicue states she was a former Aztec queen who was overthrown by her people for the ravenous hunger that led her to eat garbage, and eventually dead or dying individuals. Despite losing her royal power, Coatlicue continues her malevolent ways.


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