Coatlicue (or Coatlique) is monster #16 from the Series 1 figures. She is worth 15 points. The Aztec Goddess of Earth, she is depicted with two serpent heads and a body clothed in snakes. She came in the colours red, yellow, light red, neon yellow (chartreuse) and light purple (thistle).

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Coatlicue (KOT-lee-Q)

Species: Reptilian Humanoid

Born: 2,500 Years ago in South America

Size: 7 Feet tall

Habitat: Lives in a snake-infested cave in South America

"This two-faced Amazon woman was once an Aztec Queen who was exiled because of her famous garbage mouth. The problem is not what she says, but rather what she eats - she preys on sick and injured people, and where there are none these people available, she feeds of the filth of the land. Coatlique's wardrobe rivals that ok Kali's [#19] for bad taste. She wears of a skirt of live snakes, and a necklace of human hearts attached to a skull pendant. Perhaps her most evil deed to date was to name her son Huitzilopoctli. This poor lad was nicknamed "the sick one" growing up, as every time he said his name people thought he was sneezing and would respond by saying, "gesundhiet!""

Folklore of CoatlicueEdit

Coatlicue was the Aztec Goddess who, 2,500 years ago, most notably gave birth to the moon, the stars and a son called Huitzilopochtli who would become god of the sun and war. Coatlicue was a being gifted with many names. Teteoinin which translates as The Mother of Gods, Toci, Our Grandmoth and Cihuacoatl, The Lady of the Serpent. The name Coatlicue itself translates, in the Nahuatl tongue, as The One with the skirt of Serpents. These are but a few names though, not including Goddess of Life, and Rebirth, Mother of the Southern Stars, Goddess of and Fertility and Mother Goddess of the Earth who gives birth to all celestial things.

As can be seen, she is depicted as a woman garbed in a skirt made of writhing snakes. About her neck she wears human hearts, hands and skulls as a necklace. The head above is in fact two heads, twin giant serpents facing the other. Once she did have a single head but she was destined to be sacrificed during the beginning of creation, a time that would see her lose it. So, from her shoulders it was cut and the blood that sprung from between them formed the snake heads. Moving further down her visage, beneath those two cold-blooded faces, she sports hands clothed in claws and breasts made tired from pregnancy.

In terms of her persona, most folk see her as one with a deadly nature. Earth Mother, great carer she might be but the Earth itself was seen and is a wild and fickle place that takes as much as it gives, as is the way of life. Nothing in the mortal realm is forever and she represents that. This belief was also displayed in fact that Coatlicue was considered the patron of women who died in childbirth, emphasising the nature of a hard existence.  

The legends of the Aztec people tell how it was that she came to be pregnant and how all began. Apparently Coatlicue had been sweeping a temple when a magical ball of feathers fell on her, impregnating her. From that odd union Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl were born, then her daughter by the name of Covolxauhqui drew about her all her four hundred kin, all children of Coatlicue, and convinced them to slay, by decapitation, their mother! From her womb thenemerged Huitzilopochtli. He came forth fully adult and fully armed and set about killing his kin! Many of them did die at his hands including his treacherous sister Covolxauhqui, whose head he sliced off and tossed into the sky where it became the moon. Abstractly, in other tales, the warrior god was born just in time to save his mother from her woeful end.

Another story tells the creation theory of the sun and moon differently, stating that it took the immolation of Tezzictecatl and Nanahuatzin for those celestial bodies to come into being. Another version says that a group of deities, all female, sacrificed themselves. This group apparently included The Mother of Gods, Coatlique herself!

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Konami Video GameEdit

Coatlicue (NES)
Attacks when you're not looking.

Coalticue appears as an enemy in Stage 5, Area 1, in the Orient. It is unique in that it does a rapid charge when the player faces away, while walks slowly away when the player faces it.

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