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Also Known as Cockatrix
Appeared in Series 1
2006 Series
Number 7
Point Value 20

Cockatrice is monster #7 from Series 1. It was also one of the monsters redesigned for the 2006 relaunch series.

Series 1

Cockatrice has a point value of twenty. It is available in the original green and red colours, plus all four neon colours and the rarer premium colours of neon orange and pink.

The figurine appeared to have the head of a cockeral, clawed hands and batlike wings, and stood on a long, coiled tail.

Official Biography

Species: Basilisk

Born: In the Middle Ages, somewhere in Libya

Habitat: Desert areas

Part cock, part bat, part snake: from this description you can understand why it's the the most ugly and evil creature of the world. Not only lives in the desert but creates the desert. Its breath destroys every living creature and all the vegetation. When this monster is hungry, looks carefully in the sky, emanates a wave of his fulminate breath and a dead volatile falls for dinner. And this is not all! The gaze of Cockatrice has the power to break stones. If you happen to meet a Cockatrice during a tour in the desert pull out a mirror and the creature will die for its own gaze.

2006 Series

2006 cockatrice.png

Cockatrice is a monster in the class "The Winged." It is monster #23. In the 2006 remake, Cockatrice has a far more dragon-like appearance, standing on two legs with its large wings outstretched. Its chest and tail have plumes of feathers, and its beaked head sports what may be feather tufts, horns or crests. The trading card gave it a total points value of 123. This remake of the Cockatrice more closely resembles a Wyvern.

Official Card Biography

The Cockatrice is a monster that is part serpent, rooster and bat. He can kill all living things just by breathing on them. He can also split a rock or burn grass with his deadly gaze. The only way to kill a Cockatrice is by getting it to look at itself in a mirror.

Element: Wind

Brains: 32

Strength: 43

Fear: 46

Speed: 42

In other media

Comic Book Series (1991)

Cockatrice appears very briefly during the assembly of monsters on Monster Mountain in issue #1.

Video Game (1992)

VG Cockatrice 01.gif

Cockatrice appears as a normal enemy in Stage 5, Area 1. It simply moves back and forth, firing a beam at a 45 degree angle should the player be close enough to the line of fire.

Although the manual mentions that the cockatrice springs, this is incorrect. It only makes a simple horizontal flight. The manual entry reads: "Has fire in his eyes and uses it when he springs."


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