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Creature from the Closet is a Series 4 monster, He is monster #106

Creature From the Closet
Also Known as Closet Creature
Appeared in Series 4
Number 106
Point Value Unknown

Background Info

The idea of a monster living inside of children's closets is believed to have been inspired from reports of monsters such as the Boogeyman which were known to abduct naughty children in order to punish them, as time passed and these legends stopped being told the cultural memory lived on inside of kids minds and never really went away, it's also believed that closet monsters could just be a manifestation of a childs fear of the dark and imagining that the shadowy figure inside of their closet is a living creature, Regardless Nearly every child at one point believed that there was either a monster in their closet or under their bed

Series 4

This monster is depicted as being a reptilian creature with a long tongue and a closet frame stuck around it's head, known colors include Orange with a Green head, Pink with a Yellow head, and fully Pink.

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