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Appeared in Series 1
2006 Series
Number 8
Point Value 20

Cyclops is monster #8 in Series 1. Cyclops was also one of the monsters redesigned for the 2006 relaunch series.

Series 1

Cyclops has a 20 point value, and was available in original yellow and purple colours, plus all four neon colours and rarer premium blue and pink colours.

Official Biography

Species: Giant Humanoid

Born: 2000 years ago in Greece

Habitat: In the Mediterranean Sea, in the caves of the island Colossa

The uglyest of all giants, Cyclops is carnivorous, 175 meters high with long arms, big and protruding lower lip, sharp teeth and a big eye in the center of his forehead. Although he is continuously in search for a companion, Cyclops is lucky to not meet anyone, usually end with eating them. He lives alone in the island Colossa where he raises violet sheep. Cyclops love to trap explorers in caves, blocking at the exit with very huge boulders and they love to eat them for dinner. Whereby next time you enter in a cave, pay attention, Cyclops could have an eye on you!

2006 Series

2006 cyclops.png

Cyclops is a monster in the class "The Beasts." He is monster #1. He is displayed as an overweight ugly human holding a huge spiked club. His trading card has a total points value of 211.

Official Card Biography

With one huge eye in the middle of his forehead, this ugly, man-eating giant is notorious for his strength and foul disposition. Because of his size, the Cyclops is an excellent fighter. He uses rocks and tree trunks as weapons and lives on human flesh.

Element: Wind

Brains: 39

Strength: 70

Fear: 47

Speed: 65

In other media

Comic Book Series (1991)


Video Game (1992)

VG Cyclops 01.gif

The cyclops appears in Stage 5, Area 2, when you reach the paper wall. It will break through a wall segment, then charge the player at high speed.

The instructions manual describes Cyclops as: "Breaks through and attacks."


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