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Also Known as Nightmare Witch
Appeared in Series 4
Number 111
Point Value 70

Drude is monster #111 from the Super Scary figures. In the Series 4 rerelease, it was renamed Nightmare Witch.

Monster information

Drude is a seventy-point monster and comes in two colors (orange with green hair and purple with black hair). She is depicted as having the upper torso of a normal woman, but a huge portal-like area inside of her body.

Legend of the Druden

Druden (singular Drude) are witches of Germanic folklore associated with dreams, and participate in the Wild Hunt. They are considered a particular type of demon in the Hierarchy of Demons.

Druden are priests and virgins possessing women and splitting off into separate entities. This entity typically takes the form of an old ugly dry, but very heavy woman. Druden are said to sneak into the rooms of men while they sleep and go in through door and window cracks or keyholes. It can only be prevented through the use of magical charms. Once in the room the Druden sits down on the chest of the man and "possesses" him. A woman, who must carry this Drudenfluch knows of it, conceals this however before her fellow men.

Among other things the charm character Drudenfuss, also Drudenkreuz, offers protection from Druden. It has the form of a Pentagram: by adding from five isosceles triangles to a regular star converted pentagon. The Drudenfuss was common in the Middle Ages also as mason's mark. Druden, which are always female in nature, very often are confounded with Truden.