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Elbow Witch
Appeared in Series 2
Number 63
Point Value 20

Elbow Witch is monster #63 from the Series 2 figures.

Monster information

Elbow witch is a twenty point monster, and is available in all four neon colours, as well as a glow-in-the-dark premium.

Legend of the Elbow Witch

In Native American folklore, an Elbow Witch is a blind hag with awls on her elbows. A pair of Elbow Witches appear in the Ojibwa story of Aayaase (also known as "Aayaash" or "Iyash"). The sisters were cannibals, and would attack trespassers with the sharp points on their elbows. When Aayaase found the Elbow Witches, he was invited to rest in their hut. They were delightfully polite, but when Aayaase went to leave, they immediately became aggressive. Aayaase distracted the hags using caribou fur, throwing it at the pair. They started stabbing at the fur and then each other, killing each other. Aayaase cut the skin that prevented them from seeing and removed the awls from their elbows. As he left, Aayaase could hear the sisters laughing from behind him, rejuvenated. They were no longer cannibals, and they would live their lives like all other people.

Trading card text

Species: Humanoid

Born: 15th century

Size: 2 meters

Habitat: In the mountains of the American West

She is the strangest of the monstrous witches. She is a descendant of the Algonquin Indians. She seeks to avenge her people. Although she has no magical powers, her physical strength is evident. Bones protruding from her elbows are horrifying. In addition, she has stone teeth capable of grinding anything.