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Also Known as Shapeshifter
Appeared in Series 4
Number 101
Point Value 100

Ghilan is monster #101 of the Super Scary figures, in Series 4 . In a later UK rerelease, it was renamed Shapeshifter. The figure was released in two glow-in-the-dark colours (green and yellow) with painted details. A rarer neon green version without painted details was released as a UK cereal premium. The figure portrays the monster as a shifting, shapeless mass, with a vast mouth and tentacle-like arms. Extra limbs wrap around its body, and a glaring, human-like face sprouts from its rear. It has a points value of 100.

Legend of Ghilan

Ghilan is the plural form of the old Arabic word ghul, literally translated as demon and the root of the modern ghoul. Ghilan were shapeshifting demons that roamed the outskirts of civilisation, living in the deserts and other desolate environments. Using their shapeshifting abilities, they would lure lonely travellers to their lair and proceed to devour them. Some traditions hold that they then took on the form of the person they last consumed.

The Ghilan creature is essentially a ghoul, and can also be considered an example of a Djinn Shapeshifter.