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Appeared in Series 1
2006 Series
Number 31
Point Value 10

Ghost is monster #31 from the Series 1 figures.

Series 1

Ghost is the spirit of a previously living creature. It holds its own head in its hands to scare the living. It appears in all 4 base colors and all 4 neon colors, as well as premium colors Pink, Glow in the Dark and Series 2 Neon Green. Ghost was also released in both Peru sets and the 2006 Series.

Official Biography

Species: Deceased spirit

Size: Can assume any size

Habitat: Old houses where evil deeds once happened

Forget everything you've seen about that friendly ghost in the cartoons! This spooky monster represents the spirit of a deceased being who either met a violent death or was not buried properly. Ghosts are nearly invisible as they roam the night - moaning and groaning, shaking beds, rattling chains, and often scaring their victims to death (a fate worse than being slimed)! These creatures often wear sheets to be seen. They glow in the dark and have deep set hollow holes for eyes. Don't bother to lock your door - they can walk through walls! So if you see a ghost quickly turn on a light. This will scare him, and may even send him away to where his friends live - in a ghost town near Lake Eerie!

2006 Series

Ghost is a monster in the class "The Ghosts." It is monster #37. This version of the Ghost has strippen away the cartoony look for a more ghastly apparition, with sharp claws, spikes and red eyes, although still not looking quite human. It is visually similar to the 2006 Poltergeist, being made of a transparent plastic with a blue color. It's overall trading card points total to 223 points.

Official Card Biography

The Ghost is a restless, crazed, sometimes angry spirit who appears in many mysterious, transparent forms. This lost apparition wanders the earth searching out and haunting those who have wronged him in his former life. Just the sight of this demon is enough to scare his guilty victims to death!


The Ghost, along with Phantom and Grim Watcher in the 2006 line were not released in UK stores and markets and were only exclusive to Australia and South Africa. The 3 figures have become increasingly rare and very difficult for collectors to find.

In other media

Comic Book Series (1991)

Video Game (1992)

VG Ghost 01.gif

Ghost appears in Stage 2, Area 1 and flies slowly toward the player. Although not a huge threat on its own, the Ghost can often become an obstacle when accompanied by other monsters, such as Ogres.

The instructions manual entry for Ghost reads: "An airborne pest."

The Quest

In the cancelled CGI series The Quest, the Ghost was planned to appear in episode #4, titled "The Quest for the Ghost".



  • Ghost bears resemblance to the famous Edvard Munch painting The Scream.

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