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Appeared in Series 1
Number 37
Point Value 10

Ghoul is monster #37 from Series 1.

Series 1

The figure was available in all four Series 1 colours and their neon shades, and had a points value of ten. It was also available in a very rare neon orange premium edition. The figure portrayed the Ghoul as a lank-haired, pot-bellied humanoid with a shovel - ready to dig some graves!

Official Biography

Species: Reanimated human

Born: Thousand of years ago in the Arabian deserts.

Size: Six feet tall

Habitat: Lives in lonely places in and around graveyards.

One of the more gruesome monsters, the Ghoul is somewhat of a cross between a Vampire and a Ghost. These pale, glassy-eyed creatures hang around in cemeteries, robbing graves at night and feasting on the dead bodies (the fresher - the better!) Ghouls have been known to also eat the living when no corpses can be found, and are especially fond of children. They are very sneaky and have the ability to become invisible when they stand still. Fortunately, because of this unique diet of 'cold cuts,' you can smell their breath a mile away! Actually, most Ghouls are actually quite lonely and won't harm you if offer to play with them - certainly you've heard the saying, 'Ghouls just want to have fun!'

In other media

Comic Book Series (1991)

The Ghoul made a brief appearance in the Monstr in My Pocket comic. It could be seen in the first issue, digging into a grave at the Monster Mountain. This Ghoul was depicted with bright yellow skin.

Video Game (1992)

VG Ghoul 01.gif

Ghoul appears in Stage 2, Area 2. At a moderate distance, he lobs the axe at an arc before continuing forward. Ghouls can be a challenge due to their formations.

His entry in the instructions manual reads: "He loves to give you the axe."


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