Appeared in Series 1
Number 27
Point Value 10

Goblin is monster #27 from the Series 1 figures.

Official BiographyEdit

Species: Fairy

Born: Hundreds Years ago in France

Size: 3 Feet Tall

Habitat: Lives in dark underground places throughout Europe

The Goblin is the meanest, sneakiest, and ugliest of all the fairy creatures. He stays away from the sun, choosing to live in caves, abandon mines, and sometimes in sewers (Sewers?...Cowabunga!). These evil little beasts will often appear in disguise as a hideous bird, a dog with wings, or a big furry cat that will let out a blood curling scream if you stretch out your hand to pet it. Goblins possess great strength. Their favorite food is "turtles on the half-shell!" They are known to steal from young maidens, who are forced to raise the young goblins and as to serve as dancing partners for these monsters. Their favorite dance... the "Monster Mash!

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