Great Beast
Also Known as Antichrist
Great Dragon
Appeared in Series 1
The Video Game (Stage 6, Area 1)
Monster in My Pocket Comic
Number 1
Point Value 25

Great Beast is monster #1 from the Series 1 figures.

Monster informationEdit

The Great Beast is a twenty-five point monster and is available comes in olive and purple colors. In the later neon colors, he comes in all four shades, neon green, neon yellow, neon red and violet, and is also known in rarer premium colors of pine green and blue. He is depicted with seven heads sprouting from his torso, wings, and an almost humanoid body.

Legend of the Great BeastEdit

The concept of the Great Beast is based on the Christian demonification of the Antichrist. A multi-headed dragon is one of the forms the Antichrist is said to take.

Trading card textEdit

Species: Giant Reptilian Serpent

Born: Arose from the sea over 2000 years ago

Size: 200 Feet Tall

Habitat: A remote jungle on the coast of Northern Africa

The Great Beast literally stands heads and shoulders above all other monsters. At over 200 feet tall and weighing an estimated 20 tons (that's 40,000 pounds!), he represents the most awesome and powerful of all creatures. This cold-blooded killer is easily distinguished by his seven horny heads - each controlling one of the seven seas. From his headquarters in a remot jungle, he has the ability to create floods and raise tides throughout the world. If you should ever find yourself face to face with this slithering, slimy creature, offer yourself to the most "handsome" head. For the Great Beast also has seven great egos and this will cause the monster to fight itself, and you can quietly (and quickly) escape!

In other mediaEdit

Great Beast

Great Beast in the video game.

Video gameEdit

Great Beast appears as an enemy monster in the Monster in My Pocket video game. He appears on Monster Mountain, flying down and spitting fire at the players. He is the hardest flying monster to defeat, taking three hits to kill rather than two or one as the others.

Comic book seriesEdit

Great Beast appears briefly in the Monster in My Pocket comic series after being invoked by Warlock to attend the meeting on Monster Mountain. The Great Beast lives in a dank cave and is considered king of all monsters.


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