Also Known as Griffen
Appeared in Series 1
2006 Series
Number 5
Point Value 25

Griffin is monster #5 from the Series 1 figures, and monster #19 from the 2006 remake.

Monster information Edit

Griffin is a twenty-five point monster, and is available in the original green and purple colours, plus all four neon colours and rarer premium pine green and blue editions. It was also one of the monsters that was redesigned for the 2006 relaunch series.

Legend of the GriffinEdit

A griffin, also spelled griffen or gryphon, has been a common feature of mythology since classical times. The myth is known to date back at least as far as 5th Century BC Persia. Described as a fusion of lion and eagle, traditionally viewed as king of the beasts and birds respectively, the griffin is one of the noblest of mythical beings, particularly in middle Christian lore. There are several slight variations on the creature. Earlier portrayals generally portray an eagle's head and wings on a lion's body. Later portrayals, including Mediaeval renderings, prefer to give the beast eagle's legs at the front and lion's at the back. The eagles' head is often given ears, sometimes a lion's, but occasionally tapered ears like those of a horse.

Griffins are frequently portrayed in European heraldry, in which several variations exist. A wingless griffin is known as an alce or keythong. A heraldic griffin has the forelegs of an eagle; a lion-limbed griffin is known as an opinicus. All variations of the griffin represent strength, military intelligence and courage.

Griffins were said to be strictly monogamous, mating for life - a characteristic which increased their appeal to the Church. They were also said to be the guardians of treasure and gold, something which appears to have originated in Greco-Roman myth. They were also said to be the natural enemies of horses. As such, the hippogriff, the offspring of horse and griffin, was especially noble, having overcome this natural hatred. Hippogriffs could be portrayed as a horse with an eagle's head and wings, or as a simpler winged horse. Technically, the griffin may be described as a kind of sphinx, the word traditionally used to describe any beast with another creature's head on a lion's body. A similar being is the hieracosphinx - a lion with the head of a falcon.

Scholar Adrienne Mayor argues that the griffin was inspired by fossils of Protoceratops. These dinosaurs had beaked faces on quadrupedal bodies, and their fossils were often found in gold-rich rocks.

Trading card textEdit

Species: Animal / Bird

Born: 5000 years ago in Middle East

Habitat: European and Asian mountains

Distant relative of Chimera and Harpy,the Griffin or Griffon is a gigantic flying beast part lion and part eagle. The Griffin builds his nest with the gold stolen from mountains and preserves this gold from everyone that tryes to steal it. This powerful creature has a strong appetite and in a particolar way prefers horses. It is told that they fly even above villages near their nests to capture unexpectedly people to bring them to their nest to feed "their babyes"! Next time that a gigantic cloud appears above you, be careful that is not a Griffin out for shopping.

2006 remake Edit

Griffin was monster #19 in the 2006 series. The redesign made the creature bipedal, with long furred arms, but it is otherwise similar to a traditional depiction of a griffin. The collectable card was numbered 019/230, and gave the monster a total points value of 219. The monster is part of the group the Winged.

The description on the card and website states:

"The Griffin is a huge beast, with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. He is enormously strong, with a keen sense of hearing. The Griffin uses his eagle's claws and ability to attack from the air to overpower opponents in battle."


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