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Grim Watcher

The Grim Watcher is an exclusive monster to the 2006 series. It is monster #36 and is in the group "The Dead". It appears to be a creepy skeletal figure wearing dirty robes, carrying a shovel and a lantern. It is likely based on Ankou, a spirit in folklore who wanders the graves of earth and puts away wandering spirits who rise from their graves.

Official Card Biography

The Watcher haunts the dark looking for spirits and demons who have escaped from their earthly graves! He poses no threat to humans but if he crosses the path of a human he may mistake them for a demon and bury them in a lost spirit's grave.


The Grim Watcher, along with Ghost and Phantom in the 2006 line were not released in UK stores and markets, and only sold exclusively to Australia and South Africa, making these 3 figures are incredibly difficult for collectors to find.