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Also Known as Jenny Haniver
Appeared in Series 1
2006 Series
Number 22
Point Value 15

Haniver is monster #22 from the Series 1 figures, and was one of the monsters redesigned for the 2006 relaunch series.

Series 1

Haniver is a fifteen-point monster that comes in yellow and purple, as well as all four later neon colors. It is depicted as a vicious creature with a giant head and sharp fangs, and a tiny body.

Official Biography

Species: Reptilian Serpent

Born: 16th Century in Belgium

Size: 4 Feet Across

Habitat: In shallow waters and beach areas

An extremely vicious monster, the Haniver lives both on the land and in the sea. This unusual looking creature has a huge head, virtually no body and two short stubby legs. He can be found just off the shore where, underwater, he may resemble an innocent ray - that is until he opens his mouth and exposes multiple rows of sharp, poisonous teeth! The Haniver is known to surprise his victims by burying himself in the sand and waiting for an unsuspecting beachgoer to pass. (He's especially fond of tourists!) Be sure to think twice next time before you pick up that sea shell sticking out of the sand - it may be the top of a Haniver, waiting for dinner!

2006 Series

2006 haniver.png

Haniver is a monster in the class "The Ancients." It is monster #17. Haniver is depicted similar to the original figure, only much more fish-like. Rather than being one of the Sea Monsters, it is instead one of the Ancients. Its overall points value on the card is 177.

Official Card Biography

Haniver is a small, ugly creature that lives in the water near the beach. He has a scary face and a mouth full of many rows of large teeth, his main weapons to bite enemies. Haniver can also camouflage himself in the sand and surprise his enemies and prey.

Element: Fire

Brains: 50

Strength: 35

Fear: 40

Speed: 52

In other media

Comic Book Series (1991)

Video Game (1992)

VG Haniver 01.gif

Haniver appears in the Monster in My Pocket video game as an enemy monster. Found in the first area of the third level, the Sewer, Haniver appears from the ground and blasts the player. It is harder to kill than the earlier monsters, taking two hits to get rid of it.

Haniver's entry in the instructions manual reads: "Usually has his head buried, but pops up with a mouthful of fire."



The Haniver is a monster that was based on a myth that has only been circulating around for the last few decades. Skeletons of Sting Ray's were collected by people and dried up which made them look like very unnatural, alien creatures. Pranksters would even tamper with the bones and place in new ones to make it look more unnerving. The edited carcasses would then be placed on beaches around the world and people would pick up on it as a mythical creature. The Haniver was proven to be a hoax in 2016.

Haniver, along with Griffin of the 2006 series were the only 2 figures to have a prototype version released early in the markets. The prototypes themselves are very rare and difficult to get ahold of but it is unknown why only these 2 figures had accessible prototypes. Nevertheless, the prototypes were not that visually different from the finalised versions.

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