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Headless man is a 10 point unreleased monster that was supposedly part of the Series 3 line of monsters.

Trading card text

(Translated from the mexican card)

Species: Spirit

Date of death: 1775

Size: A head shorter than most men

Habitat: Forests of the Northwest US

This creature rides his black horse at the speed of the wind, is able to jump over the trees and disappear in a split second leaving just a spark behind.

2006 Series

Headless Man is a monster in the class "The Dead." He is monster #35. This time he wears a red tailored suit, while holding his head in his hand with a top hat.

Official Card Biography

The Headless Man was once a traveler whose horse was found but not his body. Later this headless ghost was seen wandering around the woods where he was last seen. Even today, his headless body can be seen wandering the inns and woods of Londonderry seeking revenge.