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Invisible Man
Also Known as Dr. Henry Davenport
Appeared in Series 1
2006 Series
Number 46
Point Value 5

Invisible Man is monster #46 from Series 1 and monster #38 from the 2006 Series.

Series 1

Official Biography

Species: Humanoid

Born: 1879 in England

Size: 6 Feet Tall

Habitat: A secret laboratory in the English countryside

After years of study, an eccentric chemist invented a drug which caused him to become invisible. Unfortunately, the drug had some unexpected side effects - like driving the doctor insane! As a crazed invisible monster, he now terrorizes small towns, robbing banks, burning fire stations and sneaking into the movies for free! The Invisible Man will brutally murder anyone who gets in his way (which is not hard to do since after all he is invisible). When he wants to be seen, he wears a heavy overcoat, a large hat and lots of gold jewelry. His face is covered with bandages, a fake nose and dark glasses. But underneath all this he's still the Invisible Man - the ultimate airhead!

2006 Series

The Invisible Man is a monster in the class "The Ghosts." He is monster #38. He is dressed in a white doctor suit with bandages covering his face. His facial area around his glasses is made of transparent plastic to give the effect that he is invisible. According to his card, he is worth 153 points.

Official Card Biography

This ghostly man was once a famous scientist who very foolishly used himself as his own "guinea pig". He carried out a successful attempt to make himself invisible but the side-effects were horrible! He slowly went insane and his body began to become invisible permanently!

In other media

Comic Book Series (1991)

The Invisible Man is one of the heroic monsters under Vampire's leadership.

The Big Scream

The Invisible Man, now referred to as Dr. Henry Davenport, is leader of the good monsters against Vampire's band of evil monsters.


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