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Jenny Greenteeth
Also Known as Ginny Greenteeth
Wicked Jenny
Appeared in Series 4
Number 108
Point Value 80

Jenny Greenteeth is monster #108 from the Super Scary figures.

Monster information

Jenny Greenteeth is an eighty-point monster and comes in two colors (orange with black hair and green face, and purple with yellow hair and green face). She is depicted with long hair and dripping wet clothes.

Legend of Jenny Greenteeth

Jenny Greenteeth is a river hag from English folklore. Similar to other aquatic monsters, like the Umi Bozu, the Undine, or the Siren, Jenny Greenteeth would grab unsuspecting mortals and pull them into the river to drown them. Although she would take a person of any age, she particularly loved to capture young children and eat them. She was described as having green skin, long hair, and sharp, green teeth.


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