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Jimmy Squarefoot is monster # 79 from the Series 3 figures, and has a points value of 20.

Trading card text

(Translated from the mexican card)

Species: Animal / Humanoid

Born: Around 1420 in Scotland

Size: 1.80 meters

Habitat: Scotland

This evil beast has the head of a pig. It is rather harmless, as it stumbles and trips with everything in its path. He lives in the scottish countryside and is easy to find as one of its hooves has a square shape and leaves a very unique set of tracks.

2006 Series


Jimmy Squarefoot, otherwise known as just Squarefoot, is a monster in the class "The Maniacs." He is monster #29. This 2006 remake is not much different from his Series 3 counterpart aside from being given a more animal and monster look to him, stripping away his ragged clothes and having lots of fur instead.

Official Card Biography

Found only on the Isle of Man, this half human and half wild tusked boar, ghost-like creature, haunts the rivers and bridges hunting for human prey. He is known to carry his victims down the river into the dark and mysterious Underworld, never to be seen again!

Element: Fire

Brains: 40

Strength: 42

Fear: 36

Speed: 37