Jotun Troll
Also Known as Hrimpurs
Appeared in Series 1
Monster in my Pocket Comic
Number 12
Point Value 20

Jotun Troll is monster number twelve in Series 1 . It has a points value of twenty, and was available in original yellow and purple colours. It was also available in all four neon colours, and rarer premium pink and blue editions. The figure was of a man-like being with nine bearded heads.

Legend of the JotunEdit

A Jotun (plural Jotnar), in Norse mythology, is a giant, one of a mythological race with superhuman strength, described as standing in opposition to the gods, although they frequently mingled with or were even married to these, both Æsir and Vanir. In Old Norse, they were called jötnar (sing. jötunn), or risar (sing. risi), in particular bergrisar, or þursar (sing. þurs), in particular hrímþursar ('rime-giant'). A giantess could also be known as a gýgr. The Jotnar have a great deal in common with the early Norse trolls, and are often regarded as an example of that group of creatures. The Jotnar were, although roughly human in appearance, often described with various monstrous features, such as claws, protuding teeth or tusks, misshapen limbs or multiple heads (this final deformity beign a feature of the MIMP figurine). Occasional tales go in to greater detail on the characteristics of individual Jotnar, and some are described as having great wisdom due to their enormous age. More often than not, however, they are described as brutish, violent monsters, opposed to the gods. Some, the fire Jotnar, were siad to be destined to destroy the gods in Ragnarok. The Jotnar were thought of as astonishingly ancient, having developed from the first being, the great frost giant Ymir. When he slept a giant son and a giantess daughter grew from his armpits, and his two feet copulated and gave birth to a monster with six heads, named Þrúðgelmir. Supposedly, these three beings gave rise to the race of hrímþursar (rime giants or frost giants), who populated Niflheim, the world of mist, chill and ice. Over time, these beings developed, in telling, into the Jotnar. In some tellings, the first menkilled Ymir, and when Ymir fell the blood from his wounds poured forth. Ymir's blood drowned almost the entire tribe of Jotnar. Only two Jotnar survived the flood of Ymir's blood, one was Ymir's grandson Bergelmir (son of Þrúðgelmir), and the other his wife. Bergelmir and his wife brought forth new families of Jotnar.

Trading card textEdit

Species: Multi Headed Humanoid

Born: In Scandinavia during the Ice Age

Size: 4 Feet Tall

Habitat: Live sin caves and mountains above the artic circle

The evil Jotun Troll is no doll! He's the son of the Norse God of Frost and although he's only four feet tall, he's fairly easy to pick out in a crowd - he has eight heads! This monster has the magic ability to create blizzards and avalanches to bury his enemies. Although he's surprisingly powerful for such a small creature, this bearded wonder is really known for his skills using clubs and spears. The Jotun Troll is also much more intelligent than the giant trolls. (If you thought two heads were better than one - just imagine having eight Nicknamed the "Talking Heads," you have probably guessed that this guy's secret weapon is his ability to talk you to death!

Trading card frontEdit

Jotun Troll

Jotun Troll

Spin-off mediaEdit

In the MIMP comic, Jotun Troll is one of the good monsters, and is usually given to comic relief. His many heads often argue amongst themselves.

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