Mimp kali
Number 19
Point Value 15

Kali is monster #19 from the Series 1 figures.

Monster informationEdit

True Myth / Traditionally Legend / Original Fiction:

Kali takes away the darkness from every individual who strives in the path of perfection by performing the spiritual disciplines of purifying austerities. Her disheveled hair forms a curtain of illusion, the fabric of space - time which organizes matter out of the chaotic sea of quantum-foam.

Her garland of fifty human heads, each representing one of the fifty letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, symbolizes the repository of knowledge and wisdom while the heads themselves represent impure thoughts, which She has severed from the personalities of Her devotees. (

Trading card textEdit

Species: Humanoid

Born: Unknown

Size: 7 Feet Tall

Habitat: The Jungles of India

This humanoid hag from India is really just an ugly mother who loves her children - loves them to death, that is! After working up an appetite performing her famous "Dance of Death" she heads home to eat her children, or anyone else she can strangle with her iron hook. This "bad luck beauty" has dark skin which she sheds like a snake, and red hands on each of her four arms. Kali wears a necklace of human teeth and a belt made from shrunken blood-stained hands. Fortunately her taste in jewelry has yet to catch on!"

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Video gameEdit

Kali (NES)
When she reaches the end of her rope, you'll get the hook.

Kali appears at the end of Stage 4, Area 1, guarding the platforms to jump to the area exit. She will periodically throw a grappling hook, and takes three hits to down.

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