Appeared in Series 1
The Video Game
Monster in My Pocket Comic
Number 15
Point Value 15

Karnak is monster #15 from the Series 1 figures.

Legend of KarnakEdit

Karnak is said to be an ancient Egyptian pharaoh who haunts his victim's dreams. He carries two human skulls in his hands, and clashes them together to create violent storms. He can also mind-control his enemies with the skulls.

Series 1 FigureEdit

Karnak is a fifteen-point monster that comes in yellow and purple, as well as all four later neon colors. He is depicted in a proud stance, with the two skulls in both of his hands. He also appears in both Peru series, and has horns added in the Peru Halloween series.

Konami video gameEdit

Karnak (NES)
A dogged pursuer of all good monsters.

Karnak appears as an enemy monster in the Monster in My Pocket video game. He resides in the Orient, and attacks the players by rushing towards them.

In game, he is one of the new minions that requires two hits to defeat.

Comic book seriesEdit

Karnak appears briefly in the Monster in My Pocket comic series as a member of Warlock's evil monsters. He, along with Tengu, are sent to spy on the good monsters.

Trading card textEdit

Matchbox Cards text

Species: Humanoid

Born: 2000 years ago in Egypt

Size: 8 feet tall

Habitat: Lives among the great pyramids of Egypt

This is the monster of your dreams - or more precisely, your nightmares! Karnak is a large powerful Egyptian monster, with a square head and a mouth full of sharp teeth. In each hand he holds a human skull. When these are clashed together, he can create violent storms which will ravage the countryside. The skulls also provide the great Karnak with the psychic power to control the minds of his victims. He directs them to destroy his enemies and commit diabolical deeds. If you encounter Karnak, trick him into putting down his skulls, because without these, he's just another big, ugly, run of the mill monster.

Trading card frontEdit



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