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Appeared in Series 1
2006 Series
Number 11
Point Value 20

Kraken is monster #11 from Series 1. Kraken was later redesigned for the 2006 relaunch series.

Series 1

Kraken is available in red and yellow for the original colors, plus all four neon colors and rarer premium neon orange and pink editions. It seems to be sprouting from the ocean, half of it's body deep within the sea, and three tentacles rising around it.

Official Biography

Species: Sea Serpent

Born: First Sighted in 1555

Size: 1 Mile wide

Habitat: Leaves in the deepest, darkest oceans

Perhaps the most awesome sea monster ever, Kraken is actually bigger than Yankee Stadium! When seen from the distance, Kraken appears to be a deserted island sitting in the middle of the ocean! However, if you approach this "island" you will be met with a pair of great, glassy eyes and a set of sharp teeth - so large that they are often mistaken for icebergs! When this guy's hungry, he will feast upon a large ship. Using his tentacles to pluck men from the deck, Kraken will swallow these tasty morsels as an appetizer. Then the powerful monster will wrap his eight arms completely around the ship, pulling it to the depths of the sea and eating the remaining crew for his main course. (I wonder what he eats for desert?)

2006 Series

Kraken remake2.jpg

Kraken is a monster in the class "The Sea Monsters." It is monster #45. A drastic change, Kraken is no longer an octopus, but a humanoid sea monster, somewhat resembling Gillman from The Creature From the Black Lagoon. This version owes some similarity to the Kraken that appears in Clash of the Titans, although the movie creature sported four arms, compared to the figure's two. The movie creature is referred to as a Kraken, but is more accurately a depiction of the Greek mythological monster the cetos or ketos. The name of this monster is the root of the modern cetacean, meaning a whale or its relative. The collectable card gave Kraken a total points value of 187.

Official Card Biography

Kraken is a sea monster of gargantuan size that can be found in the ocean of the coast of Norway and Iceland. Sailors who have seen him describe him as 'the size of a floating island' but the real danger is from the killer whirlpools he makes as he moves in the water near his ships.

In other media

Comic Book Series (1991)

Kraken appeared very briefly in the Monster in My Pocket comic series while atop Monster Mountain during the meeting between Vampire and Warlock. It is unknown whom he sided with, though presumably with Warlock, as he worked for him in the video game.

Video Game (1992)


Kraken appears as a boss monster in the Monster in My Pocket video game. He dwells deep within the Underground, and attacks the player immediately with his tentacles. After he is defeated, he appears later in Monster Mountain, attacking identically to how he did before.

The Kraken falls after being hit 33 times.


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