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Leviathan is monster # 73 from the Series 3 figures, and has a points value of 30.

Background Info

The Leviathan is a creature mentioned in The Bible, unfortunately not much is known about the Leviathan due to only being mentioned in contexts where it is assumed that the reader already knows about it, what is known is that The Leviathan is a giant sea monster most often depicted as a giant Sea-Serpent, it is said that at the end of the world The Leviathan will get into a fight with the giant land monster Behemoth and they'll end up killing each other where upon The remaining humans will end up eating the flesh of both monsters

Trading card text

(Translated from the mexican card)

Species: Giant sea serpent

Born: Around 10th century b.c.

Size: Larger than an ocean liner

Habitat: The Dead sea, as expected

If by night at sea you see a couple of bright lights on the horizon, be careful, it could be this huge sea beast. It is the most powerful and evil that exists. It is part dragon and part serpent. When uncoiled is several kilometers long. It is the worst enemy of Behemoth.

2006 Series


The Leviathan is in the group "The Sea Monsters". It is monster #48. It is a large crocodilian monster with green slimy skin, warts over its body and a large mouth with sharp fangs.

Official Card Biography

This enormous sea creature is a cross between a giant whale and a clever crocodile. This terrifying and awesome beast has a never-ending appetite for human prey, so humans beware! He might be helpless and clumsy on land, but in the sea he becomes a quick, mean, "killing machine."