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Loch Ness Monster
Number 56
Point Value 25

Loch Ness Monster is monster #56 from the Series 2 figures.

Background Info

The Loch Ness Monster (Nessie for short) is a cryptid in a similar vane to Bigfoot or The Yeti, It is said to inhabit Loch Ness in Scotland where it has been spotted several times ever since 1933, Nessie is described as being a long necked animal resembling a Plesiosaur of some sort, To this day nobody has been able to confirm or deny the existence of the monster although most scientists think it doesn't exist


If Nessie does exist is it possible that he / she is the ghost of a Dinosaur rather than a living one?

Possible Answer A: Ancient indigenous tribes arround the world told stories of wise beings not only among humans, but among every living species. These creatures became after dying, or better said transcending, in powerful spirits capable of taking physical form from time to time, if a warning were needed to humans or to another living members of their species.

Possible Answer B: An alternative explanation to Loch Ness creature is that of swamp faring invertebrate. A mollusc like a sea slug, sea worm or a primitive form of squid known as tullimonstrum. The invertebrate theory could explain why there are no sonar reads of the creature, as above examples could attach to the lake bottom, being taken as the lake surface. Decomposition of dead individuals should also be quicker, do not leaving skeletal remains.

Trading card text

(Translated from the mexican card)

Species: Marine reptile

Born: Discovered in 1933 (Born thousands of years ago)

Size: Unknown

Habitat: Loch Ness

Dinosaurs are its ancestors and is thought that he survived extinction. The elusive "Nessie" has been the subject of many scientific studies but has never been caught. It feeds on fish and since nobody has come close enough, is not known if it likes human flesh.

Trading card front

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2006 Series

Loch Ness Monster is a monster that is in the class "The Sea Monsters." It is monster #46. This time it has scaly green skin and a blue tinted chin. It isn't visually different from it's Series 2 counterpart.

Official Card Biography

It's believed that the famous Loch Ness Monster has lived in Loch Ness, Scotland since the 6th century and still appears today! He is a huge, humped, dragon-like water creature who is said to live 700 feet below the icy waters of this 26-mile long lake. So never, ever swim here alone!

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