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Mad Scientist
Also Known as Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde
Appeared in Series 1
2006 Series
Number 39
Point Value 10

Mad Scientist is monster #39 from Series 1 and monster #28 from the 2006 Series.

Series 1

Official Biography

Species: Humanoid

Born: 1834 in England

Size: 5 Feet, 10 Inches Tall

Habitat: A large, windowless laboratory in London.

Talk about your split personality - -one minute this guy's prominent, church-going, well mannered, goody-two-shoes doctor named Jekyll, and the next minute he drinks this secret formula and turns into a sleazy low-life named Mr. Hyde. Back and forth, Back and forth, the Mad Scientist would change between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Finally he runs out of his formula and is stuck forever as the wicked Mr. Hyde. He now frequents the bad parts of town, hangs out with the wrong crowd, and stays out past midnight - breaking every law known to man ( and a few man doesn't know about)! As Dr. Jekyll he used to help old ladies across the street, he now tries to run them over!

2006 Series

The Mad Scientist is a monster in in class "The Maniacs." He is monster #28. He appears as an creepy elderly doctor with a hunchback holding a vial of chemicals and toxins. His trading card points total up to 215 points.

Official Card Biography

The Mad Scientist will let no one stand in the way of his evil plans to create a formula so powerful, so ingenious, so revolutionary that it will enable him to rule the world and live forever!!! He doesn't care if people think he's a "nut-case." The only important thing is his secret formula!

Element: Fire

Brains: 71

Strength: 67

Fear: 34

Speed: 43

In other media

Comic Book Series (1991)

In the comic book series, the Mad Scientist is known as Dr. Jekyll, and was a member of the good monsters. As Mr. Hyde, he would go renegade, but fortunately never sides with Warlock and his evil monsters.

Monster in My Pocket: The Quest

The Mad Scientist was one of the monsters slated to appear in The Quest. However, the series was cancelled early into production.