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Welcome to the Monster in My Pocket wiki! Here, you will find a plethora of information on the '90s rubber figurines, as well as the legends behind them!

Series lists

Foreign releases

  • (Argentina) Halloween Coffin Surprise (Cromy: Monster in My Pocket) -Commonly confused with MIMP
  • (Peru) Monstruos Mutante -Commonly mislabeled as from Argentina, a few are altered MIMPs in the line

Items related to the toy series

Other "In My Pocket" Toy Lines not directly related to MIMP

  • Puppy in My Pocket
  • Kitty in My Pocket
  • Jungle in My Pocket
  • Ocean in My Pocket
  • Pony in My Pocket
  • Rainforest in My Pocket
  • Farm in My Pocket

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