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Also Known as Mantichora
Appeared in Series 1
2006 Series
Number 14
Point Value 15

Manticore is monster #14 from Series 1. It was one of the many monsters redesigned for the 2006 series.

Series 1

Manticore comes in basic red and yellow colors, as well as red-orange, neon yellow, neon green and violet from the neon colors. He is depicted similar to the myth of the Manticore, with the body of a lion, the tail of a scorpion, and the head of a man, with several rows of sharp teeth.

Official Biography

Species: Humanoid / Animal

Born: Over 2000 years ago in India

Size: 12 Feet Long

Habitat: Lives deep beneath the desert in the Middle East

What do you feed a monster that is 12 feet long, has the body of the lion, the tail of a scorpion, and the head of a human with three rows of sharp teeth? Anything he wants of course! The ferocious, man-eating Manticore has powerful blue eyes and the voice of a trumpet, but don't expect to see him at your next rock concert. This "low life" lives deep beneath the desert, close to the center of the earth. The Manticore runs as swiftly as the deer, has the ability to leap over small buildings. He uses his tail to shoot poisonous, spine-like straws into his victims, through which he slurps their blood. This is not the kind of guy you would want your sister to marry...or then again maybe it is!

2006 Series

2006 manticore.png

Manticore is a monster in the class "The Ancients." It is monster #15. Manticore now has a more leonine face, a lithe, red body, a scorpion's tail and bat-like wings. His total points on his trading card add up to 207.

Official Card Biography

This 12 foot long man-eater has a lion's body, a human head with 3 rows of sharp teeth and the tail of a scorpion which shoots poisonous, thin, spine-like straws into his helpess victims, through which he slurps their blood.

Element: Fire

Brains: 42

Strength: 61

Fear: 40

Speed: 64

In other media

Comic Series (1991)

Manticore appears briefly in the first issue on Monster Mountain.

Video Game (1992)

VG Manticore 01.gif

Manticore appears in Stage 5, area 2. This is a dangerous enemy, as it has a habit of hiding behind pillars, and lobbing a bone while concealed behind said pillar. It also requires multiple hits to defeat, and is barely stunned by a single attack.

Manticore's entry in the instructions manual reads: "Bone up on your defense against this guy."


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