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Medusa comics 02.png
First Appearance Monster in My Pocket #1 (May 1991)
Race Gorgon
Gender Female
Alignment Evil

Medusa is a prominent member of Warlock's band of evil monsters.


Along with Spring-Heeled Jack, Medusa is Warlock's righthand monster. She is first found by Warlock in Greece, who invites her to be his ally. She wears a veil during the meeting at Monster Mountain, but after the monsters are shrunk down, Medusa no longer wears the veil, as her powers have been degraded.

Powers and abilities

Medusa had the ability to transform any living creature who looked into her eyes to stone. Because of this, she wore a veil during the monster assembly on Monster Mountain. However, when she was shrunk down to one-inch, Medusa's abilities were reduced to "barely cause a bit of arthritis."