Monster in My Pocket Wiki
Appeared in Series 1
Number 26
Point Value 10

Medusa is monster #26 from Series 1.

Medusa comes in all four colors, as well as all four neon colors. She also appears in both Peru series. A ten-point monster, Medusa is depicted in a seductive stance, much like Vampiress.

Official Biography

Species: Reptilian/Humanoid

Born: 4000 years ago in Greece

Size: 5 foot 2 inches, Eyes of Blue

Habitat: Lives in a cave on the farthest shore of Oceanus

The monster Medusa once led a charmed life as a beautiful woman with golden blonde hair (she was Miss Greece of 1991 B.C.) One day she betrayed the goddess, Athena, who then changed Medusa into a hideous creature. Her golden locks were replaced with slithering, poisonous snakes. Her hands were turned to bronze and frozen in the shape of vulture's talons. And worst of all, any man she looked at would be turned to stone! Understandably, her social life went downhill fast, and she left to live in a remote cave. She has since created many of the world's finest statues by simply giving famous people the "evil eye!"

In other media

Monster Rock

Medusa appeared as a singer in the song Can't Do A Thing With My Hair on the audio cassette Monster Rock. She was also mentioned throughout several songs and had a speaking role in Monster in My Pocket.

Panini Sticker Album

The description for Medusa includes a backstory similar to her Greek Mythology counterpart. Before Medusa was a monster, she was a beautiful blonde woman beloved by all of Greece. However, the goddess Minerva heard Medusa boasting of her beauty and was offended. She transformed Medusa's beautiful curls into a tangle of poisonous snakes. Not fully content, Minerva also cursed Medusa with a deadly gaze. Whenever she glanced at a man, the man was transformed into a statue. Thus, Medusa became the largest collector of statues in the world.