Monster in My Pocket Wiki
First Appearance The Big Scream
Race Gorgon
Gender Female
Alignment Evil
Voiced by B.J. Ward

Medusa is one of the main antagonists for the TV special Monster in My Pocket: The Big Scream.


Medusa appeared as an evil monster once again in the animated special The Big Scream. Along with Vampire and Swamp Beast, Medusa was shrunk down to miniature size and sought out a cure. After discovering screams turn the trio large again, Medusa and the others attempted to steal a movie with a screaming woman in it. However, their plan was foiled by the good monsters, despite Medusa turning Wolfmon to stone. She was voiced by actress B.J. Ward in the special.

Powers and abilities

Medusa had the ability to transform any living person into stone. However, this effect was typically temporary, especially when she was in miniaturized form.