Appeared in Series 2
Number 65
Point Value 15

Merrow is monster #65 from the Series 2 figures.

Monster informationEdit

Merrow is a fifteen-point monster, and is depicted as a monstrous sea creature with webbed hands and the tail of a fish. He also has a feathered cap on his head, symbolic of his ability to turn into a charming human. The figure was available in all four neon colours.

In Scotland and Ireland, Merrows are the equivalent to mermaids and mermen. While often depicted as soft and gentle creatures, they can grow to be quite spiteful and deadly. They are capable of turning into attractive humans with a cap, which they use to lure unsuspecting victims of their charm into the sea. In some tellings, the female merrow is a beautiful mermaid, while the male is monstrous and fishlike. They are also known to sing beautiful melodies to sailors. When the sailors get close enough, the Merrows drag them into the sea and rip off their limbs. They would then keep their souls for eternity locked away in a cage.

Trading card text Edit

(Translated from the mexican card)

Species: Sea fairy

Born: Discovered in the XVII century

Size: 90 centimeters

Habitat: The sea near the coasts of Ireland

If looks could kill, the male Merrow would end with anyone who saw it. It's a horrible fish with red nose, swine eyes and green hair and teeth. His red cape made of plumage allows him to leave the sea, but if stolen, he will lose all his strength and be unable to return to the sea.

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