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Monkey Man

Monkey Man is a monster in the class "The Maniacs." He is monster #26. He is an ape looking creature who comes garbed in a hat and a skirt.

Official Card Biography

This extremely small Malaysian forest creature who is half-man and half-monkey only stands 3 feet tall! But he can effortlessly up-root giant trees and fight any enemy who dares to challenge him. This aggressive little Monkey man, eats monkey brains, and the occasional human brain raw! Don’t “monkey-around” with him!!

Element: Earth

Brains: 38

Strength: 40

Fear: 57

Speed: 38

Folklore of the Monkey Man

The Monkey Man is a beast first sighted in the Indian captial of New Delhi in May of 2001. Reports of his actual physical appareance are often conflicing. Some say he is four feet in height, covered in black fur and sporting a metal helm along with metal claws. His eyes apparwntly burn bright red and three buttons run down his chest.

Other reports say that he is much much taller, about eight feet with a face more wolf-like. This form of Monkey Man is reputed to be very well muscled and highly athletic, leaping buildings with ease. There have been other reports that he is in fact a creature garbed in bandages.

As to what he truly is, that is still unknown. Some think him India's version of Bigfoot whilst others believe him the Avatar of the Hindu God Hanuman. Whatever form it takes, there have been reports that the creature has actually scratched people and there have been reported deaths caused by people fleeing from it and falling from the tops of buildings or down flights of stairs.

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