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The latest series of Monster in My Pocket, the 2006 relaunch series. This new series featured 48 redeisgned monsters, now produced as highly detailed figurines with fully detailed painted finishes. While the majority of the remade monsters were from Series 1, there were also quite a few from Series 2, Series 3, and the Super Scary lines. The figures dispensed with the traditional points value scheme - they had no points value stamped onto them, although a total points value could be found on each monster's respective collectable Game Card. However, a secret bonus points value could be found on each by use of the decoder light, which used a UV beam to illuminate invisible ink. This bonus value was for use in the card game. The monsters were also now organised into groups based on shared characteristics. The series was created by MEG, and distributed in the UK and Ireland by Corinthian Plc, by MEG in Australia and New Zealand, and by DTC in Brazil. The distribution of the figures was no longer in any way random - all packaging variations were predetermined. The figures come in four packs (six variations), three-packs with decoder lights (four variations), single packs with decoder lights (four variations) and with various playsets, including a Haunted Mountain, a Monster Showdown playest and a Skull Carrying Case.

Although the UK line was released as a full set of 48 monsters, three, Phantom, Grim Watcher and Ghost, were never released to UK markets. In Australia, the series was split into Series One and Series Two, each comprising 24 monsters (Series One featured the groups the Ancients, the Humanoids, the Beasts and the Winged, Series Two the remaining four groups). In Brazil, the series was marketed as Galerias de Monstros, also split into two series. As well as four packs, the Brazilian market also featured single toy packets. The company no longer has distribution rights to the series. Although the monsters were not numbered on the figures or on the collector's leaflets, they were numbered on the game cards. The game cards reverse repeated the numbering in the format ###/230, indicated that a much larger range of monsters may have been originally planned. Some indication of further monsters produced to prototype standards exists. Some monsters were released with slight naming variations depending on packaging and marketing area. 

Along with the July 2006 release, a confectionery line that would also contain another 36 monsters was going to be released in August 2006, but this never came to fruition. All 48 monsters are labeled in advertising as "Series 1." This possibly explains the numbers on the card reading ###/230, as MEG was likely going to make more series in the 2006 line until there was potentially 230 monsters. The newly redesigned monsters were given a full detail and color paint to them unlike the single color of the original series. The designs were based on more modern but sometimes traditional interpretations of the monsters (i.e despite usually being described as a colossal squid monster, Kraken was designed more closely to its description and likeness in Greek mythology.) Unlike the UK markets, the exclusive figures were not sold in playsets outside the country, all the figures were sold in regular packets of 2,3 and 4 monsters.

Despite not being released to UK markets, Ghost, Phantom and Grim Watcher were sold along with other mainline monsters when the line was brought to Australia, Brazil, New Zealand and South Africa. They were not released in the UK and Ireland because MEG was going to make another product (likely another playset) that would contain the 3 figures but the product was cancelled as the line was being discontinued in the UK and were now focusing on selling the series to a more broader range of markets.

Sometime between 2008 and 2009, the entire line was discontinued by MEG and Monster in My Pocket was taken off from store shelves, this was to do with poor marketing and consuming. The line was not released in the United States which was the main factor to why the series fizzled. As of the time of writing, the 2006 series was the last line in the entire Monster in My Pocket series that was released by MEG as Corinthian now no longer owns the rights to the series. It is unlikely Monster in My Pocket will be revamped or continued.

(Acknowledgements to Toypedia for a wealth of information.)

List of Monsters

The figures for the relaunch are as follows:

The Beasts

The Humanoids

The Ancients

The Winged

The Maniacs

The Dead

The Ghosts

The Sea Monsters

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