Monster in My Pocket was a comic-book series produced by Harvey Comics and released in 1992. It featured four issues and an annual special. The fourth issue leaves off on a cliffhanger, suggesting more issues were planned, but cancelled last minute.

Issue 1Edit

The Convention of Terror / Small ProblemsEdit

Characters appearing: Vampire, Warlock, Werewolf, Medusa, The Phantom of the Opera, Great Beast, Ymir, The Monster, Mummy, Golem, Swamp Beast, Gremlin, Jotun Troll, Vampiress, Cyclops, Kali, Manticore, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Windigo, Minotaur, Witch, Karnak, Triton, Kraken, Invisible Man, Tengu, Ogre, Charon, Catoblepas, Griffin, Mad Scientist, Cockatrice, Spring-Heeled Jack, Skeleton, Siren, Hobgoblin, Zombie, Behemoth, Haniver, Red Cap, Humpback, Centaur, Ghost, Ghoul, Jack Miles, Tina, Tom Miles, Mr. and Mrs. Miles

Issue 2Edit

Chemistry / The ExterminatorEdit

Characters appearing: Mr. and Mrs. Miles, Tom Miles, Hobgoblin, Vampire, Swamp Beast, Mummy, The Monster, Golem, Werewolf, The Phantom of the Opera, Warlock, Medusa, Mad Scientist, Ogre, Cyclops, Windigo, Siren, Jack Miles, Mr. Apothecary, Vampiress, Invisible Man, The Exterminator, Jotun Troll

Issue 3Edit

Destroy All MonstersEdit

Characters appearing: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Tom Miles, Jack Miles, Golem, Vampire, Mad Scientist, The Monster, Werewolf, Mummy, Vampiress, Hobgoblin, The Phantom of the Opera, Jotun Troll, Swamp Beast

Issue 4Edit

Mayhem At The Mall! / Want to See Something Really Scary?Edit

Characters appearing: Jack Miles, Tom Miles, Mrs. Miles, Vampire, Werewolf, Mummy, The Monster, Hobgoblin, Vampiress, Mad Scientist, Tengu, Karnak, Warlock, Jotun Troll, Theresa, Cyclops, Spectre, Charon, Ghost, Medusa, Swamp Beast, Spring-Heeled Jack

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