Appeared in Series 1
2006 Series
The Video Game
The Big Scream
Number 41
Point Value 5

Mummy is monster #41 from the Series 1 figures, and was redesigned for the 2006 relaunch series

Legend of the MummyEdit

Mummies are the corpses of deceased pharoahs from Egypt that have been wrapped in rags. Often, pharoahs would also have their loved ones killed when they died, who also become mummified and stored in the pyramids with them. There are several legends of explorers searching through pyramids and discovering the mummified corpses, and stories of the mummified corpses being reanimated.

Series 1 FigurineEdit

Mummy comes in all four colors, as well as all four neon colors, plus a very rare blue premium edition. A five-point monster, Mummy is depicted as mummies often are, in several rags with one hanging below his arm. He also appeared in both Peru series.

Trading card textEdit

Matchbox Card Text

Species: Reanimated Corpse

Died: Ancient Egypt 3700 years ago

Reborn: 1921

Size: 6 feet tall

Habitat: Egyptian pyramids

Wrapped in tattered rags, the Mummy was buried alive in Egypt over 3700 years ago. His airtight coffin was later discovered by archaeologists who failed to heed the "do not disturb" sign...a fatal mistake! This powerful monster brutally strangled these intruders, and now roams the countryside in search of those who buried him thousands of years ago. The Mummy is known to place a deadly curse on anyone who tries to stop him. This bandaged beast cannot be destroyed by guns, knives or even slime! Having the characteristics of a "giant oily rag" the Mummy can be stopped by fire, but will one day rise from the ashes to resume his search for his enemies.

2006 Card Text

The Mummy is an entombed human whose brain and organs have been removed and his bloody, dead flesh wrapped and preserved in a mysterious life-giving fluid. If his tomb is disturbed, he will come alive again to kill and devour intruding enemies. So beware! Alive!

Trading card frontEdit



Comic book seriesEdit

In the Monster in My Pocket comic series, Mummy is a member of the good monsters, led by Vampire. During the battle against the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Mummy worked with The Phantom of the Opera, Jotun Troll, and Vampiress, but was defeated quickly by the beast.

The Big ScreamEdit

Mummy appeared as one of the protagonists in the animated special The Big Scream. Along with the Invisible Man, Werewolf, and The Monster, Mummy worked with Carrie Raven in order to restore them back to their normal size. He was depicted as very flamboyant and constantly trying to aid Invisible Man in his research. He also seemed to be the one most affectionate towards Carrie, wrapping her finger when she was bitten by Vampire.

2006 remakeEdit

2006 mummy

Mummy was one of the monsters who received a complete makeover for the 2006 remakes. The Mummy is included in the group The Dead, and has a total points value of 197.


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