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Also Known as Nucklave
Appeared in Series 2
Number 66
Point Value 15

Nuckelavee is monster #66 from Series 2.

Series 2

Nuckelavee has a points value of fifteen. The figurine was available in all four Series 2 neon colors. The appearance of the figurine is a good match to traditional folkloric descriptions of the being, a horse with a single eye and a wide mouth, with a skeletal human torso rising from its back, the head hung low and the long arms dragging their hands on the ground.

Official Biography

Species: Amphibian horse

Born: XIII century in Scotland

Size: Slightly bigger than a horse

Habitat: The Northern seas

Looks like a horse with a fiery red eye and a huge mouth that goes from ear to ear. On its back there's some kind of human torso whose head moves from side to side as this beast gallops in pursuit of its victims. As it is allergic to clean water you're able to fend it off using mineral water.


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