Number 32
Point Value 10

Ogre is monster #32 from the Series 1 figures. In that series he is a hulking figure with an impressive beard and in his left hand he wields a spiked club. Armoured in a pauldron and furs he looks very much a warrior compared to most of his fellow monsters. He has since been remade for the 2006 Series.

Folklore of the OgreEdit

Ogres are one of those mythical races that have become so woven into our various tales, including those of the modern age, and so worked over by humanity that their origin is rather tangled. That is an amazing fact considering they were allegedly first documented from a French mind during the 12th century. To us though, they feel so much older.

Ogres have provided humanity with a basis for much of their typical villain ideas. As such they are known to come in a myriad of types with all sorts of powers, subjective to the creator. Such tweaking is only helped more by the fact that Ogres are very often seen as interchangeable with Giants. The Cyclops itself is a Giant with a single eye and it would not be a great surprise if they were mistaken for Ogres also. To muddy the water further, there are of course Trolls who, like Ogres and Giants, possess great size and strength and are considered gruff and malign. These common, though not necessarily true, attributes have also aided in the confusion of what a true Ogre is. Indeed, in a lot of role play games Ogres and Trolls are often classed as sinply a subspecies of Giant.

In terms of the standard Ogre It is generally agreed that they are a dull witted and most disagreeable race. In most media they are described as being cruel and dangerous and reputed to favour the flesh of humans. Indeed, in fairy tales they are often described as being very partial to eating human babies. They are not often considered a threat to the bold and bright, those who can think their way out of trouble, and can be outclassed by a trained warrior but to those lacking these skills an Ogre can be a real danger.

As a race they are strong and commonly told of as being larger than humans, like Trolls. This could in fact be a result of the confusion, created over time, between Ogres and other such brutish races, not to accuse all Giants of being brutish. That is the way they are generally portrayed in many novels, games and films.

Ogres are also classed as a type of faery and this could be their true form, one that has possibly been forgotten in favour of something more fashionable. These Ogres possess the same bad temperament and low intelligence but instead are much the same size as a human but with extreme deformities. They are said to sometimes live on clouds in faeryland. One of their most notable number was an Ogre by the name of Baba, not to be confused with the witch Baba Yaga. A Slavic faery, Baba eats humans and has the power to turn people to stone!

Whatever the truth, Ogres will be around as long as fiction exists, serving as the archetypal brute upon whom humanity can place its concepts of savagery. A weight it will share with the Troll.

2006 SeriesEdit


2006 Series Ogre

The Ogre was one of those monsters subjected to a remake for the 2006 Series. The subsequent model was very different from its predecessor. Retaining only the club, it gained more the look of an oafish workman than a beast of brute force, mostly thanks to its overly large facial features and massive feet. This look is, in truth, in direct contrast to its official description (below), but then that could be its key to catching prey!

Trading Card Text Edit

Species: Giant Humanoid

Born: Centuries Ago in Scandinavia

Size: 18 Feet Tall

Habitat: In caves and abandoned dwellings all over the world

The Ogre is a giant, fleash-eating monster. He hunts down his victims using a large club and quickly devours them using his sharp teeth. The Ogre has been known to eat 15 men in one sitting! He's big, he's ugly, he's mean, he's deadly - but he's incredibly stupid! Thats right, this guy's dumber than a fencepost! If you're ever out alone in the forest and come upon a hungry Ogre, tell him that you're a long relaitive from Oslo (Ogres don't eat relatives), or that you're Santa Claus and you came to get his Christmas List (nobody would hurt Santa). Chances are he'll believe you!

2006 Card Text:

The Ogre is a giant, flesh-eating monster. He hunts down his victims using a very large club and devours them using his super sharp teeth. This 18 foot Scandinavian monster is big and scary, but he's stupid and easily fooled.

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Video GameEdit

Ogre NES
Doesn't fool around, just comes right at you.

First enemy to appear in Stage 2. Simply walks forward.

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