Red Cap
Also Known as Powrie
Appeared in Series 1
2006 Series
The Video Game
Monster in My Pocket Comic
Number 25
Point Value 10

Red Cap is monster #25 from the Series 1 figures.

Monster informationEdit

The Red Cap comes in all four original colors, as well as the four neon colors. A ten-point monster, the Red Cap is depicted with his cap, holding up his knife.

A murderous goblin or fairy, the Red Cap haunts old British and Scottish castles and waits for unsuspecting victims to cross his path, after which he stabs them to death and drapes his cap with their blood. He has soaked his cap so many times that it has become red itself. However, if the blood dries on his hat, he will die himself. Legend states that the only way to escape from the quick and agile Red Cap is to recite passages from the Bible. This causes the Red Cap to lose a tooth and flee. He is also particularly afraid of crosses. Though the Monster in my Pocket version of Red Cap wields a dagger, more often than not, the Red Cap would use an iron pike as his weapon of choice.

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In other mediaEdit

Konami video gameEdit

Red Cap (NES)
No one's safe when he slides.

Red Cap appears as a normal enemy in the Monster in My Pocket video game. They reside at the Crane Tower, sliding down the tower and attacking the player. However, they are easily disposed of, and only appear in that one level.

Comic book seriesEdit

In the Monster in My Pocket comic series, the Red Cap is seen with several of the monsters as they gathered on Monster Mountain. Only seen briefly, it is unknown if Red Cap sided with Vampire and the heroic monsters, or Warlock and the evil monsters.

Monster in my Pocket 2006Edit

Red Cap was one of the monsters who received a complete makeover for the 2006 remakes.    Quite gruesome                                                       , the Red Cap looks much more like a fairy than his original figurine, and he holds up a large sword.                                                      

Monster #10 of the new series, he is included in the group The Humanoids.                                                                                                          The website and collectable game card (010/230) give Red Cap a total points vale of 217,                 

                                                                 and the following description:

2006 redcap

"Red Cap is a little old ugly man with fiery red eyes who haunts old castles between the border of Scotland and England. After killing unfortunate travelers with his iron claws, he dips his cap into their blood, turning it bright red."


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