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Appeared in Series 1
2006 Series
Number 34
Point Value 10

Roc is monster #34 from Series 1 and monster #21 from the 2006 Series.

Series 1

Roc is valued at 10 points and comes in all available colors.

Official Biography

Species: Giant Bird

Born: The Middle East in 700 AD

Habitat: Great Island of Madagascar off the coast of Eastern Africa

At about the same size as a passenger airplane, the Roc is the largest of the flying monsters. It preys on elephants, taking them from the jungles (and zoos) and carrying them off to the mountains where they are fed to their young, (the "Roc-ettes"). The eggs of the Roc are huge and highly prized. When eaten, these eggs will magically restore youth to the elderly. However, the Roc is very protective of her nest eggs, and will viciously attack any intruding armies or ships, dropping huge boulders, like bombs from the sky. Some Rocs can be tamed with music, and even ridden like a flying horse. Their favorite music?... "Roc" and roll, of course!

2006 Series

Roc is a monster in the class "The Winged." It is monster #21. This remake depicted Roc as a golden bird with outstretched wings. It's card points are valued at 147.

Official Card Biography

The Roc is a humongous scavenger bird, big enough to carry off two elephants! A cross between an eagle and a vulture, the Roc has a bulky body and wide wings. His big claws pick up his victims and carry them away. Or he can pick up very large rocks and hurl them.

Element: Earth

Brains: 37

Strength: 36

Fear: 40

Speed: 34

In other media

Video Game (1992)

VG Roc 01.gif

In Stage 2, Area 2, the Roc will fly in, and drop its egg near the player. This is contrary to normal lore, where the Roc guards its egg rather than weaponizing it.

The egg is destructible and worth 5 points. Roc's instruction manual entry reads: "You'll have egg on your face with this guy."


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