Series2 4pack

Series 2 4-Pack

The Series 2 of Monster in My Pocket figures came soon after the originals, in 1992. Only twenty-four monsters were in this collection, and the colors were neon green (slightly darker than the series 1's neon green), blue, pink, and orange. Only a select few of these monsters made any appearances in Monster in My Pocket media. The boxes ranged from a 24-box set with all the series 2 figures, as well as 12-box sets with one 30-point monster and 11 random monsters. It also introduced the first 30 point monsters and got rid of the 5 point monsters.

Due to protests, the Hindu deity Ganesha was deleted from all but the very earliest releases in the United Kingdom, making this monster particularly scarce there. 24-packs in the UK included a Series 1 monster in its place.

  • 049 Dragon - Gigantic fire-breathing beast, afraid of nothing.
  • 050 Jabberwock - English; Flying monster with long claws, huge jaws, and flaming eyes.
  • 051 Warlock - The master of magic, more powerful than wizards or sorcerors.
  • 052 Ymir - Scandinavian; Frost giant, the first creature in the universe, can freeze anything.
  • 053 Swamp Beast - A horrible humanoid creature that lives in swamps and attacks people.
  • 054 Golem - Jewish; A huge powerful clay man brought to life as a protector against all evil.
  • 055 Scorpion Man - Arabian; half-man, half-scorpion, with bow and arrow and a poisonous stinger tail.
  • 056 Loch Ness Monster - Scottish; taunts mankind with glimpses of itself; may be the last living dinosaur on Earth.
  • 057 Tarasque - French; Has a lion’s head, six bear claws, spikes down his back and a viper’s tail.
  • 058 Bishop Fish - Gigantic sea creature who can raise storms and capsize boats.
  • 059 Herne the Hunter - English; England’s most famous ghost, clad in deerskin and a stag’s skull helmet; lives in Windsor Park.
  • 060 Ancient Gorgon - Greek; Hideous maiden with snakes for hair, golden wings, bronze claws, and glaring eyes.
  • 061 Ectoplasmic Phantom - A spirit in the physical world, who produces the otherworldly ectoplasm to overcome victims.
  • 062 Ganesha - Hindu; Potbellied monster with head of an elephant and the body of a man.
  • 063 Elbow Witch - Algonkian Indian; Very sneaky woman with sharp knives or awls for elbows.
  • 064 Minotaur - Greek; Large monster with the head of a bull and the body of a man. Very fast and strong.
  • 065 Merrow - Irish; Sea fairy with a fish tail, covered in scales, wearing a red feathered cap.
  • 066 Nuckelavee - Scottish; A horse-like creature with one eye, a human torso on its back and no skin.
  • 067 Spectre - Undead being that is semi-transparent; can scare the wits out of people.
  • 068 Bloody Bones - Spirit that haunts houses to scare unwary people.
  • 069 Sebek - Egyptian; Male humanoid spirit with a crocodile’s head.
  • 070 Dryad - Tree spirit who lives in forests and attacks travelers.
  • 071 Undine - Sea creature who is the spirit of a woman who died by drowning and seeks revenge.
  • 072 Gargoyle - Medieval Europe; Grotesque wide-mouthed creatures found on medieval buildings who attack people.
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