Series 3

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The third series of figures, these monsters were only available through Nabisco Shreddies and Big Boy restaraunts. The colors are very similar to series 2 (pink, blue, orange, green), but they also had yellow and purple at select Big Boys. The Unknown Monsters are presumably a part of Series 3, though it is unsure if they were ever made into actual figures. The Monster in My Pocket video game also came with a secret monster, who is considered to be part of series 3.

  • 073 Leviathan - A gigantic sea serpant with rows of razor sharp teeth.
  • 074 Abominable Snowman - Himyalayan; A huge, white, ape-like being, that has lived for centuries.
  • 075 Anubis - Egyptian; Jackal-headed protector of the dead.
  • 076 Amphisbaena - African; two-headed creature who never sleeps.
  • 077 Centaur - Most famous Greek monster, half-man and half-horse.
  • 078 Orobas - An oracle, he can reveal lies and tell the future.
  • 079 Siren - A bird-woman whose sweet song is deadly.
  • 080 Jimmy Squarefoot - An evil humanoid with a pig's head.
  • 081 Blemmyae - -
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