The Super Scary line of Monsters in My Pocket, otherwise known as Series 4, are slightly larger than the original Monsters, and have more detail in the colorization. Their default colors are green, yellow, orange, and purple. However, they feature multiple colorizations on one figure, rather than one basic color. The six 100-point monsters were made from glow-in-the-dark yellow or green rubber, distinguishing them from the lower value monsters. Some figures have been found that were not painted, mainly in Europe; at least some of these were giveaways in cereal boxes. They are quite rarer than the normal colors and reflect a nostalga for the unpainted, intainted variations. In addition, some of the European figures have slightly different names for the monsters. The numbering for the series continued from where the unfinished Series 3 would have left off. The points values, ranging from 50 to 100 points, were significantly higher than those of the previous series. In the United Kingdom, the series was released as Super Scary Series 3, as the third series premium monsters were not released in British markets. The US Monster in My Pocket Collectors' Club also referred to the series by this name. Some of the monsters were later renamed during a British rerelease; Hanuman was removed from the series for the rerelease. Super Scary monsters were available in single packs, 'secret six packs', and 'monstrous twelve packs,' in which the packaging formed a 'haunted house collector display.'

From the packaging:

"COLLECT ALL 24 SUPER SCARY MONSTERS... NOW IN NEW DECORATED LARGER SIZE! Here they are - the wildest, scariest, most outrageous collection of real monsters ever assembled! And every single one of them is worth at least 50 points, more than even the highest value monsters in either series I or II. You know why? Because every single one of these monsters is a big, bad, Super Scary dude. Put these guys in your pocket - and scare the pants off your friends!"

The Monsters Edit

  • 097 Charun -- Etruscan; Ancient demon who carries a hammer which he uses on his victims. Rereleased as Sledgehammer.
  • 098 Thunderdell -- Biggest and fiercest giant who seeks revenge on all humans for the death of his uncle who was killed by "Jack."
  • 099 Hanuman -- Hindu; Hindu monkey spirit; with immortal powers. He can fly, become invisible, and change his shape.
  • 100 Yama -- Tibet; The fearsome spirit of the netherworld. He cloaks himself in flames. Rereleased as Fire Creature.
  • 101 Ghilan -- Arabian; Shapeshifter lurks in lonely places in order to capture lone travelers. Rereleased as Shapeshifter.
  • 102 Astaroth -- A supernatural demon who tempts mortals with the easy life and lures them into his web. Rereleased as Mutant Spider.
  • 103 Dybbuk -- European; a demon that takes possession of a living person and is denied eternal peace.
  • 104 Lamia -- Greek; A female spirit with the habits of a vampire. Known to remove victims’ eyes and keep them. Rereleased as Bloodsucker.
  • 105 Grave Watcher -- Uneasy spirit who can’t rest since his grave was robbed and vows to protect all graves from thieves.
  • 106 Creature from the Closet -- American; well-known yet poorly documented creature of darkness. Lurks in dark places and waits to terrify its victims.
  • 107 Slaughterford -- English; Ghost seeking revenge for his unjust hanging. He appears with noose around neck and in chains.
  • 108 Jenny Greenteeth -- English; Water-dwelling spirit who pulls people into the water to be with her for eternity.
  • 109 Houngan -- Zombie, whose job is to raise zombies, causes injury with use of victims’ hair, nails, or skin. Rereleased as Undead Zombie.
  • 110 Mad Gasser of Mattoon -- American; Rumour has it that this strange figure wearing a gas mask sprays gas into rooms and flees. Rereleased as Mad Gasser.
  • 111 Drude -- English; A nightmare witch who has the power to haunt any victim with terrible visions. Rereleased as Nightmare Witch.
  • 112 Boogeyman -- A rather unpleasant type of spirit who delights in tormenting and frightening humans.
  • 113 Alu -- Assyrian; Hideous looking phantom who often appears with limbs missing and envelops its victims. Rereleased as Bag O'Bones.
  • 114 Fachen -- Irish; His habit is to track and torment people who travel after dark.
  • 115 Jersey Devil -- American; Born in the pine barrens of New Jersey from a gypsy’s curse on a young girl, he escaped into the woods and still lives there.
  • 116 Wurdulac -- European; a ravenous vampire who torments loved ones and places them under his spell to carry out his deeds.
  • 117 Poltergeist -- German; A noisy, mischievous, destructive, spiteful and cunning spirit that infests humans rather than haunting them as a ghost.
  • 118 Umi Bozu -- Japanese; Giant sea phantom who terrifies seamen, destroys their ships and takes them to a watery grave. Rereleased as Giant Sea Phantom.
  • 119 Wildman of China -- Hairy ape-like creature, a Chinese version of Bigfoot, believed to have survived for millions of years.
  • 120 Imp -- Lives in volcanic caves. A small humanoid creature with batlike wings, the Imp attacks with the stinger in its tail.
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